How It Works


My Portugal Up constitutes the Portugal China League’s online platform, entirely dedicated to companies and business organizations with the purpose of aiding their internationalization and sustained growth within the chinese market. Capitalizing from decades of experience, this platform aims at easing and diminishing the entry barriers in all chinese provinces. Its close contact with companies, producers, distributers and agents allow a privileged balance between supply and demand for its partners.
Finding the right combination of channels either of communication or distribution is a ardous and meticulous job when it comes to a huge market like China and it might seem impossible to deliver good value while rising the revenues of your company. My Portugal Up strives for the tracing of the best processes and pratices and will help you reach your goals with excellence.


My Portugal Up will provide a range of products and Portuguese brands whose features and benefits will be able to meet our distributors’ partners in China. Network providers and key partners to ensure the success of this Business Model. Examples: Strategic alliances between non-competitors, cooperation networks between competitors, joint ventures, exclusive partnerships, etc.
The mix of promotion, sales and distribution of Portuguese branded products will be present to our Chinese B2B clients. They will help us understanding and evaluate the value proposition of each offer, facilitating the purchase and give us feedback about the degree of their satisfaction. Finding the right mix of distribution channels in the Chinese provinces – own and/or through partners – is essential to be able to deliver value to customers.