International tourism food city


Beijing is the capital of the People’s Republic of China and one of the most populous cities in the world. The population as of 2013 was 21,150,000.The city proper is the 3rd largest in the world. The metropolis, located in northern China, is governed as a direct-controlled municipality under the national government, with 14 urban and suburban districts and two rural counties. Beijing Municipality is surrounded by Hebei Province with the exception of neighboring Tianjin Municipality to the southeast.

Beijing is the second largest Chinese city by urban population after Shanghai and is the nation’s political, cultural, and educational center.It is home to the headquarters of most of China’s largest state-owned companies, and is a major hub for the national highway, expressway, railway, and high-speed rail networks. The Beijing Capital International Airport is the second busiest in the world by passenger traffic.

The city’s history dates back three millennia. As the last of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China, Beijing has been the political center of the country for much of the past eight centuries. The city is renowned for its opulent palaces, temples, parks and gardens, tombs, walls and gates, and its art treasures and universities have made it a center of culture and art in China.[14] Encyclopædia Britannica notes that “few cities in the world have served for so long as the political headquarters and cultural centre of an area as immense as China.” Beijing has seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Ming Tombs, Zhoukoudian, Great Wall, and the Grand Canal.


Guizhou (Chinese: 贵州) is a province of the People’s Republic of China located in the southwestern part of the country. Its provincial capital city is Guiyang.Guizhou adjoins Sichuan Province and Chongqing Municipality to the north, Yunnan Province to the west, Guangxi Province to the south and Hunan Province to the east. Overall Guizhou is a mountainous province however it is more hilly in the west while the eastern and southern portions are relatively flat. The western part of the province forms part of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau.




Give the full play to the promotion of peaceful reunification of the Chinese overseas to promote this international platform, the system will promote members play overseas economic and trade function, grasp the China government to speed up the development of the western region, especially an important opportunity to promote GuiZhou economic and social development in GuiZhou, Chinese LongLi County, the construction of a set of tourism, leisure, vacation, culture exchanges as one of the International Center for tourism, food will be native to Europe and Southeast Asia and other countries (mainly to Food, the target population for the Chinese emerging middle class) introduced into Guizhou, setting up and forming a European food and the world food consumption market in Guizhou, and leisure, holiday functions play project, attract people everywhere come and taste.


  • Construction in the customs building in Europe and Southeast Asia mainly;
  • The basic function of the project: Food mainly, to attract tourists;
  • Importance to build Food cultures around the world;
  • The construction of Europe and Southeast Asia Cultural Theme Park;
  • Health convalescence holiday, tourism, sports leisure travel and self-help travel market Development.

Construction has the characteristics of European style architectures.

The project has Europe and around the world to the exotic culture, into the building, hotel, literary, cultural tourism souvenirs and diet of a variety of tourism elements, formed distinctive cultural tourism atmosphere, so as to promote cultural tourism.
The project will enhance the development of tourism, sports, health convalescence holiday leisure travel and self-help tourism market based on the previous construction; further strengthen the conference reception capacity, large conference to undertake high specification.
The construction of facilities of high Stars Hotel, golf practice field of high-end tourism, introduce the world famous hotel management organization, to meet the higher level of tourism consumption demand


International Food city is located in the heart of GuiZhou in LongLi County, East County is FuQuan County, South is HuiShui County, West and North is GuiYang city — China southwest railway hub. As China West crossroads. Traffic location advantages highlighted. the resident population of 4684000 people living here. Urban residents per capita consumption is RMB 17995 in one year , increasing by 14.5% per year. The project is located in Southern Guizhou resident population is 3 97 0000 . similar to the Anshun City, the resident population of 2297400 people. in all, project 100 km radiation circle resident population of 10951400 people, has laid a good foundation for project implementation and development.
International tourism Food city 20 kilometers far from the provincial capital of Guiyang City, 95 kilometers from Anshun City, 100 kilometers from the capital of southern GuiZhou. As the hub of GuiZhou , four railway interchange here. Project specific address Longli County, from Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport 10 kilometers, the annual passenger throughput of 15500000 passengers, 220000 tons of goods, aircraft taking off and landing 146000 sortie ability. A total of 110 lines, access to city 67and 8 international routes.
Guiyang city is the National Tourism standards determined by the National Tourism Administration of pilot city, will focus on international tourist city in accordance with the standards, launched “national wisdom tourism” pilot city, the implementation of pilot city National Tourism Resort, the pilot city national demonstration area of the ecological tourist class declaration, and further optimize the tourism industry system. Target: by 2015, the city’s tourist total number will break through one hundred million person time, total tourism revenue will exceed 160000000000 yuan.